Vector X Vols. 1 & 2*

  • Custom instrument based on the legendary Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
  • 3GB of sample content
  • Synth, Modulation, Effects, Performance & Arpeggiator sections
  • All new customised waveform browser
  • 150 great presets in Vol 1 alone!


* Get Vol. 2 FREE with Vol. 1

Requires full version of Kontakt 5

Requires full version of
Native Instruments Kontakt 5

Immediate download after checkout


The Sequential Circuits Prophet VS was a vector synthesiser produced between 1986-87. It utilised samples of waveforms as oscillators. These waveforms were then routed through traditional analogue filters and envelope generators etc. The sound of the Prophet VS was different from the usual analogue polysynths of that era and was notable for its use by many film score composers (including John Carpenter).

Vector X is a custom instrument for Native Instruments Kontak 5 featuring a huge library of sounds and samples from our very own Prophet VS here at Synth Magic headquarters.


The varied multisampled waveforms are all under the control of the custom user interface so you can easily sculpt your own amazing VS sounds! There are lots of presets provided to get you started and see what Vector X is capable of.

Vector X’s custom user interface, designed by saintjohnbaxter, allows for quick and easy access to all waveforms, plus an arpeggiator, full effects section, mono modes and a full modulation section, complete with even more controls for expression and controlling LFOs with aftertouch etc.

Vector X includes the infamous VS Choir and Filmscore sounds. There's also plenty of gritty synth sounds, smooth organs, 5th stacks, analogue waveforms, abstract tones and more, which are all easily auditioned using the custom-built Vector X Waveform Browser. The V-Mix slider on the main synth page allows the user to morph between two loaded Vector X waveforms - with precise control over volume, pan and LFO speeds.

Vector X Vol. 2

Vector X Vol. 2 has now been released – featuring even more cool waveforms straight from the Prophet VS, plus a whole batch of great new presets for you to explore and use in your own musical adventures! Get Vol. 2 free with every purchase of Vector X Vol. 1




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