Requires full version of Kontakt 4

Requires full version of
Native Instruments Kontakt 5

Digital Love Child

  • Custom synthesizer instrument
  • 1.9GB of sample content
  • Synth, Modulation, Effects, Performance & Arpeggiator sections
  • Classic 80s/90s digital sounds
  • Over 200 great presets to get you started



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This Kontakt instrument is a collection of waveforms sampled from lots of different synthesisers.

We took classic old synthesizers such as such as the Korg DSS-1, Kawai K5,  Sid Chip, Casiotone 1000p Additive Synth, Evolution EVS1, some Quasimidi synths and even a Yamaha CX5M, added some modern vibe from a Moog Little Phatty, and sampled them all through valve pre-amps to bring you Digital Love Child.

There's almost 2GB of samples taken from these synthesisers, with all waveforms accessible from the rather funky custom GUI. The small computer memory footprint, due to streaming the samples direct from your hard disk, makes DLC very useable.

Digital Love Child can create great sounds that really get to the heart of some fantastic digital synthesisers of the 1980s & 1990s, as well as some newer, modern synths, including the Moog Little Phatty.

Easily create your own exciting and new sounds using the Kontakt custom GUI, or simply select a new waveform from the numerous banks of waveforms in a convenient drop down menu and tweak away. Mix and match sounds with the 1000p Additive Synth waveform page to create beautiful and unusual sonics. There are plenty of internal effects, including delays, convolution reverbs and phasers.


A control page allows you to access paramaters such as stereo placement which can use aftertouch to move the sounds around in the stereo field Aftertouch to filter, pitch and more. Modwheel to filters etc, all allow for great performance control and interesting sonic experiments.

There are over 200 preset patches to choose from, ranging from spacey pads, choirs, atmospherics, drones, digital and analogue bass sounds and loads more to get you going on sonic adventures, tweaking as you go.


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