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System 1000m for Kontakt 5

Full retail version of Kontakt 5.2.1 or higher is required.

All the fun of a modular synthesiser for your Kontakt sampler. Easily create amazing modular synth sounds, thick basses, screaming leads, strange and bizzarre alien landscapes of sound. Designed for Kontakt 5 to use the new filters K5 has to offer and the larger user interface which allowed us to cram all this synth into Kontakt.

Lots and lots of great presets to get you started on your sonic journey through a modular system - Be warned, you will be tweeking and delving into this synth in no time - really easy to use and has been well thought out and designed to be easy to use, despite it's large range of controls.

If you have ever wanted to experiment with a modular system or even if you have modulars of your own, system 1000m will provide you with lots of fun and great musical experiments and is really easy to get to grips with.


System 1000m is now supplied with over 525 presets and Bank 2 of waveforms is now included.






SSounds and Gear review 5 out of 5.

Saint Joe scored it a 5 out of 5 and said this : 'I also love the fact that they will be releasing updates with more presets and waveform banks…man this thing is gonna be awesome!
It's definitely made it into my short list of must have libraries…sure there are a lot of good products out, but then there are some products that just stand out from the crowd and take permanent residence in my toolkit.
System 1000M is one such instrument and I'm excited to see what they release for it in terms of updates and extra banks.'


Video below.


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    Below are just a small selection of comments from owners of System 1000M    
maxxxter (KVRaudio forum) -very nice

VariKusBrainZ (KVRaudio forum) Synthmagic does it again.
Now I have to upgrade to K5..........damn.

Numanoid (KVRaudio forum)
Put it on my wishlist, looks very impressive this.

bjarke (KVRaudio forum)
Just installed and my first impression is:
Same high standard as usual when Synth Magic is involved
Ps.: I love the GUI

murnau (KVRaudio forum)
great gui - awesome sound -

Woody Aki (KVRaudio forum)
Saw the mail, thought I was too pissed to be seeing my two favourite Kontakt library devs on the same bill at 2am. Woke up in the morning, realised it wasn't a wet dream after all, and bought it within half an hour and a morning mug of coffee later. When you see talent of this ilk collaborate, demoing or Youtube ain't necessary!

terriandralph (KVRaudio forum)
Purchased during the first few minutes of listening to the demos!

zlatan (KVRaudio forum)
This is my favorite Kontakt synth so far ...
I like all the other Tronsonic Libraries as well , but this one is something special ! Very good job guys !
I can't wait for the next one

macmurphy (KVRaudio forum)been playing this all morning - it is a stunning instrument. great work guys

Woody Aki (KVRaudio forum)
Had a good three hour session with this yesterday. All I can add to the positive comments already garnered here is: This must not be the first and last collaboration...you need to release more products together. Mental!

Producer Shorn Rah via email-Just played with it for half an hour.... (I should be doing other stuff but WTF??!!!)
IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Ooh and that comes from someone who's an analogue purist and doesn't often find softsynths inspiring!!!


Add to CartSystem1000m only £24.95 Full version of Kontakt 5is required.


Now only 15 pounds in the sale.

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