LOGAN Vocalist for Kontakt 4 (Mac and PC)

This Kontakt instrument based on this very rare 1970's Synthesiser is fully programmable from the front panel just like a real Logan and is really simple to use.

It has taken many years to source this very rare synthesiser-there is not too much information on the web about it due to it being so rare,so we were very lucky to find one.

Create beautiful analogue choir sounds from the 70's,vocal effects and lots of etherial choir pads and sounds.

This instrument has an intuitive user interface based on a real Logan Vocalist front panel. Once loaded into your Kontakt sampler you have the full sounds of the Logan to use in your productions.

We have added lots of extra features such as extra filters,lfo's,filter envelopes and a full effects section-The reverbs supplied are not stock Kontakt reverbs and come from high end classic effects units which really add something special to the sound of the Logan.

There is even a chord generator which allows for big chords to be played by pressing one key.

Each section of the Logan has been sampled chromatically using high quality converters for a true authentic sound.

Please see Screen shots and demo's below. Only the supplied effects have been used in these recordings and all the sounds are included in the presets that come with Logan Vocalist Kontakt instrument.



Here is what some existing users have to say about the Logan Vocalist,below is just a small selection of comments.

Well, after listening to these demos I had to get this. I am not an old school kind of synth person but this thing sounds absolutely awesome. I can easily see this showing up in several track ideas I have. Looking forward to more from this line up as well.
---- from Al- KVR audio forum Al2k1.


Another superb sounding emulation, Steve. The Logan Vocal Synth escaped me first time around so I'd never actually heard one before. Knowing how close Synthmagic Quadra sounds like the real thing then I am sure Logan Vocalist will be the same. As always, the sounds and GUI by Anders are fantastic. KVR audio forum SyncII

Wow.. hats off, sir! I thought I was fully synthed-out, but your demos made this a no-brainer... donwloading right now. Thanks !Kvr Audio Lingyai

Another truly exceptional instrument. Very well done, indeed. Paricularly haunting and magical vibes going through Valhalla Room. Love this kind of stuff. Thank you, Steve!!! Kvr audio Sequent

Hi, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard - Thank you! it'll be all over my next album. Best wishes & support.Lee Simeone Artist

Yup, great products and admirable customer service.-KVR audio forum Varikuzbrainz

Well, the first thing is Logan Vocalist is truly amazing! You tend to create synths that really speak to me. The GUI's are crazy inspiring as well. Your work really puts me in a special creative space and just wanted to say thanks for the incredible attention to detail :)~Kirke Jan Blankenship (AcademyCurve® www.academycurve.com) via email.

Simply Amazing synth!!!!Sounds great and the front panels by the Flavours of Lime guy are sublime.Astonishing work from you both. Gary B via email.





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Available now as an immediate download for KONTAKT 4 or higher including Kontakt 5 (full version of Kontakt required)

Mac and PC compatable.

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