Zed80 for Kontakt 4 and 5(Mac and PC)

(full version of Kontakt required.)


This Kontakt instrument uses sounds sampled into a Casio FZ-1 sampler, various 80's samplers and 80's synths and drum machines.

Over 1.5GB of samples compressed to just over a GB using NI's compression and over 300 presets ready for your musical productions or tweek away using the graphical user interface.

I have been a user of the FZ-1 for many years and love the way it adds 'that something' to anything sampled into it.


The output from the samplers was connected to a series of vintage valve pre-amps before sampling for use in Kontakt.

If you like sounds and drums suitable for Depeche Mode/New Wave tracks, John Foxx, old rave, 80's disco, modern dance, abstract experimental electronica, chillout, Film score(check Replicant demo below for Blade Runner type sounds)then this collection of sounds is for you.


Zed80 comes with hundreds of great drum sounds which have a great vibe to them and they have all been mapped into ready to use kits. They are perfect for all types of electronic music production(check demo's to hear just a small selection of the drums available in this instrument).

There are lots of juicy bass sounds both analogue and digital aswell as lots of great pads and strings, organs, werli piano's, stabs, hits, percussion, weird efx, vocal synths........lots and lots of sounds.

All sounds are loaded into memory at the same time and then selected from a simple drop down list which makes sample banks selection quick, easy and fun.

Instrument comes with over 300 preset nki files which can be easily tweeked using the custom GUI interface or simply load a set of samples from the menu and build your own sounds using the graphical user interface.



All audio demo's use only the sounds and effects that come with ZED80.




The FZ-1 and other older samplers has a great effect on sampled material similar to EMU sp12/sp1200.

What gets sampled in comes out with a certain vibe to it that is hard to describe, but just works really well.





Here are some comments from owners of ZED.

I've been trying out the instruments I purchased. They are awesome! These are some of the finest Kontakt instruments I've encountered, and at a very reasonable price. I didn't think it was posible to capture such cool sounds from vintage analogue synths. They are much better than packages I obtained from other sources at a lot higher price (and I have a lot of Kontakt-based products to compare to). Doug Kornbrust Via email.

Pure & thick retro-awesome, as per usual. BIOMUSE at Gearslutz.

Steve, it's like you guys were sent down from Heaven. Sonic Default at Gearslutz.

The most important stuff, the samples sound amazing though, love the blade runner esque sounds wcb123 at Gearslutz.

I like the 80's vibe. The instruments sound great, GUI are really cool and prices ... what else? Andy Bt at Gearslutz

Your Fzed just saved my life in a dark wave/EBM techno project Great 80s sounds. Very happy with it Deftbonz at geaslutz.

Yeah great stuff again! Somehow most other instruments like this that have been sampled from analogue synths etc fall short for me in sound quality and playability. I mean it just doesn't sound very convincing even though the samples are from the real things. I don't know why that is actually... But with Synthmagic the playability is great and the sound is just awesome! Penguinfromdeep at kvraudio forum

Top quality again - well done with FZED. Doug1978 at kvraudio forum.

This is a treasure trove! Instant inspiration. Just loading a preset and then browsing the waveforms (upper rh corner) can keep you happily busy for hours…Thanks a lot, Steve! Spitfire31 at KVR audio forum.

Inspiring and great value! It deserves to sell by the truckload. Bongo Fury at KVR audio forum







ZED has been updated and is now called ZED 80-The latest version has a GUI designed by Flavours of Lime and an extra batch of samples and presets have been added.

If you own an earlier version of ZED and have not received the update to the latest version then please contact me and I will send the latest version to you.



All audio demos use only the supplied sounds and drums and effects.

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