Digital Love Child.

This Kontakt instrument is a collection of waveforms taken from lots of different synthesisers.

Full version of Kontakt 4.2.3 and higher including Kontakt 5 is required.

Digital Love child allows lots of great sounds to be created from great digital synthesisers of the 80's as well as some newer synths including the Moog Phatty.

You can easily tweek away thanks to the futuristic looking GUI designed by Flavours of Lime and create lots of new sounds whilst still retaining the essence of the sampled machines.

With over 200 preset patches to choose from ranging from spacey pads, choirs, atmospherics, drones, digital and analogue bass sounds and loads more to get you going on sonic adventures tweeking as you go.

Synths such as Korg DSS-1, Kawai K5, Moog Phatty, Sid Chip, 1000p additive synth, Evolution Evs1, Quasimidi synths, CX5m have all been sampled through valve pre-amps.

Just under 2 GB of samples taken from these synthesisers-All waveforms are accessible without having to leave the GUI-Small computer memory footprint due to streaming the samples direct from your hard disk.

Exciting waveforms taken from lots of different synthesisers. Easily create exciting and new sounds using the Kontakt custom GUI or simply select a new waveform from the numerous banks of waveforms in a convenient drop down menu and tweek away.

Mix and match sounds with the 1000p additive synth waveform page to create beautiful unusual sonics.

There are internal effects including Delays, Convolution reverbs, Phasers etc.

There is also a control page which allows aftertouch to control things like stereo placement-You can use aftertouch to move the sounds around in the stereo field. Aftertouch to filter, Pitch and more. Modwheel to filters etc.


Nearly 2GB of Samples recorded through valve pre-amps using high quality converters.

Custom Kontakt GUI Interface.

Over 200 Presets included randing from pads, keys, bass, weird alien drones and 60's sci-fi, dance stabs, digital clangs and abstractions, vector sounds, additive risers the list goes on.

Here are a just a few of the great comments we have had about Digital Love Child.


Another stunner, Steve. Bought. REDSPARK KVRAUDIO.

Nice one, lovely sounds! CORE @ KVRAUDIO

I just hit 'buy' when I get synthmagic emails now, theyre just so good!! VARIKUSBRAINZ @ KVR AUDIO

Just jumped on the train before it left the station - Steve's stuff isn't to be missed, that's what I've learnt.
Awesome sounds and slick GUI. Congratulations! SPITFIRE31 @ KVRAUDIO

Liked the demos.Now playing with it I like it even more. Great sounding nobrainer. FERGUSONBBB@KVRAUDIO

I don't even bother to listen to samples or read the specifics before buying anymore. Knowing you developed it and seeing the affordable price, I will likely buy whatever you create. Thanks for the hard work and inspiration. BLUEMAN @ KVRAUDIO.

Love for Love Child and SynthMagic BJARKE @ KVRAUDIO

Best audio demos ever - The GUI looks really nice too. Great to see some love for digital synths! BRONTO SCORPIO@ KVRAUDIO

BRILLIANT Steve!!!! I finally got around to playing with your love child for a few hours. Inspirational!!! Really, that's the highest calling for any tool I buy these days. It must INSPIRE me. And inspire me the love child did. What a wonderful undertaking. Fresh and cutting edge DrBILL @ GEARSLUTZ

I just had a quick listen to some of the presets. This collection of sounds is AMAZING. Absolutely fantastic TUI @ GEARSLUTZ

Great value and great sounds! JENS @ GEARSLUTZ

This is a stunning instrument, Steve. beautiful work MACMURPHY @ GEARSLUTZ

I got my Digital Love Child in the first few day of release, and I what
a great library! The sound is stellar and the GUI beg's to be tweaked.Great work Steve!




  Review by St. Joe from Sounds and Gear.  

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    All sounds in the demos (except drums) are from the Digital Love Child presets supplied with the instrument.    




Only £19.95 for the complete system.

For KONTAKT 4 or higher including Kontakt 5 (full version of Kontakt required)

Mac and PC compatable.



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