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Vintage sound for Kontakt


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Synth Magic is an independent producer of libraries and instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt. The full version of Kontakt is required (although you can load them in the free Kontakt Player, the instrument will remain in DEMO mode and time out after 15 minutes).

Synth Magic's aim is to provide you with affordable, quality instruments based on vintage, and sometimes hard to find hardware synthesisers and keyboards.

As a synthesiser enthusiast, I am constantly seeking out old hardware –  interesting, rare or just plain quirky  synthesisers, keyboards and modules to make computer-based instruments from. A great deal of time goes into the programming and visual design of these instruments to ensure they are feature-rich, look good and belie their small price tags.

The first instrument we created was based on the analogue legend that is the ARP Quadra. We called our version of this rare vintage synthesiser Sounds Of The Quadra. We then went on to create more Kontakt instruments based on real vintage hardware as well as some synths of our own design.

We hope you have as much fun playing these instruments and using them in your own productions as we have making them.


Synth Magic is proud to present our latest Kontakt instrument –
Exploration 1. Based on the 1970s ARP Explorer synthesizer, Exploration 1 features almost 2GB of sample content (compressed using Kontakt's own system), separate Synth, Ensemble and Effects section. This instrument is capable of very lush, smooth analogue strings & pads, bright synths, drones, keys and more.

With a beautiful custom interface by saintjohnbaxter we believe Exploration 1 is going to be very popular!


Everybody loves free stuff, and we do too. From sample packs to full Kontakt instruments and whatever else we can dig up for you.

Check out the free stuff here, and have fun!

Synth Magic Vintage Sound for Kontakt


All the Kontakt libraries developed at Synth Magic have realistic, fully controllable user interfaces, giving you instruments that are not only great fun but easy to use too. Combined with lots of meticulously sampled and processed  sounds – direct from the vintage synthesizers, modules and keyboards, these are great value instruments for your music productions.

All the sampling, processing and programming code is created by Stephen Porter at Synth Magic. The instrument graphics are developed and designed by world-renowned GUI designer Anders Hedström (aka Flavours of Lime) or graphic designer, and fellow synth enthusiast, saintjohnbaxter.

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All our instruments require the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

See each instrument’s details for version.


Following the release of Vector X, all our new releases will be Kontakt 5 or greater. We are also in the process of porting all our older libraries to the Kontakt 5 format.  Please see our Product FAQs here for more details.

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